Philly Moosecast #6 – Jah’s (Jaws) on the Floor

It’s the preseason, which means it’s time to prematurely and presumptuously postulate. In this Moosecast, Paul Mancano and Joe Leonard touch on more than one terrible Philadelphia sports team. Which one is it? There are too many to choose from. Continue reading


Philly Moosecast #5 – Lukewarm Questions

You thought it was safe. You thought with the high-pitched buzz of the Eagles and Phillies drama drowning out all other noise during the month of August, surely there would be no more college-aged white guys making Sixers podcasts.

You were wrong. Continue reading

With All Eyes on Okafor, Others Fight for Roster Spots

BY CONNOR McGLYNNPhiladelphia 76ers assistant-turned-summer-league-head-coach Billy Lange said from the beginning of team practices in late June that his team’s performance would not be judged on wins and loses. Rather, the two-year NBA coach is using the time to make sure his group of new players develop their skills and adjust to life in the Association. With that in mind, unless you like to watch grown men throwing up airballs and playing as recklessly as elementary school kids, chances are you haven’t watched any summer league action, or any Sixers basketball in the past two seasons for that matter. It’s OK. You’re covered. Continue reading

An Extensive, Semi-Serious Guide to the 2014-15 Sixers Season


Guess what day it is, guess what day it is.



I don’t remember being this excited for a season since… last season. But before that, since… Bynum. But before that, since the Iverson era. So not very long ago. But I’m still excited. Irrationally excited. Continue reading

Jerami and Me: A Very Biased Look at Jerami Grant

BY PAUL MANCANO—Amid the noise of the now yearly “worst team ever” debate and the star-struck giddiness surrounding Nerlens Noel, the chatter around several Sixers has been drowned out. As well it should, because, well, they suck. But 2014 draftee Jerami Grant’s disappearance from seemingly every Sixers discussion is more surprising and less warranted than, say, Hollis Thompson’s. (no offense, Hollis—literally, he’s got no offense. Sorry, I had to) After all, Grant was taken just seven picks after K.J. McDaniels, and was projected by many to be a first-round pick. Yet there seems to be a steep drop-off in expectations from McDaniels to Grant. While I do agree K.J. has the most potential of any the Sixers’ second-rounders, there’s certainly reason to believe great things can also come from Grant. Continue reading

Hooves on First: Dream and Nightmare Situations for the Future Sixers

BY PAUL MANCANOIt’s getting late. “MLB Tonight” is blaring on the tube, and I’m starting to get sleepy. Without Mitch Williams, the show has lost its luster for me (it’s a shame he’s got major anger management problems). It’s time to turn in. I shut off the tube, grab a cup of warm milk, and head to bed. I pass out instantly, and dream away… Continue reading

LeBron’s Homecoming Changes Everything for the Sixers

BY PAUL MANCANO – ESPN deemed LeBron James’ announcement of his return to Cleveland SO important that it was deserving of the entire sidebar. Just a giant picture of LeBron in a Cavs jersey where the rest of the headlines should have been. There it stood for pretty much the rest of the day. Baseball, World Cup, and other NBA signing news be damned, clearly this was the only sporting news of July 11, 2014. Continue reading

Sixers Have Many Eggs in Many Baskets

Don’t worry, the picture will make sense in a bit.

BY PAUL MANCANO – Much has been made of Sixers’ general manager Sam Hinkie’s fearless trust in injured big men and foreign players who are taking their sweet old time in getting to the States. So far, he’s got a team of cripples and placeholders. Oh, and Michael Carter-Williams. That’s not exactly the typical blueprint for success. Continue reading

NBA Draft Moosedown Part III: Fans Will Endure

BY PAUL MANCANO – Sixers fans are pissed. Just turn on WIP, you’ll hear the outrage. Another year of tanking? Hinkie doesn’t know what it’s doing. We’ll never be good!

That seems to be the sentiment of some very angry, very vocal haters of the Sam Hinkie regime. Apparently, drafting the best player available is a crime punishable by public shaming on radio stations and Twitter. Less aggressive dissenters use phrases like “It’s a tough sell” and “the strategy is questionable.” Continue reading