Philly Moosecast #4 – Snitches Get Stitches and TMZ Videos

The Summer Sixers may be dead and training camp may be months away, but Paul Mancano and Joe Leonard are here to comment on a newsworthy July for the 76ers in the latest Philly Moosecast.

Was Joel Embiid’s foot bone really re-broken? Can the Celtics escape from mediocrity? What would be a good nickname for Scottie Wilbekin? The answers can only be found here. Plus, they introduce the newest Sixers hashtag, #ImNotADoctorBut. Check out our fourth Philly Moosecast, and be sure to listen to our first three podcasts while you’re at it: Continue reading


Philly Moosecast #3 – Embiid is Dead, Long Live Okafor

The pain continues for Sixers fans as the news came down Saturday that Joel Embiid will undergo a bone graft surgery and miss the entire 2015-16 season. But as Hinkie taketh away, Hinkie also giveth in the form of an awe-inspiring night from Jahlil Okafor.

Paul Mancano, Joe Leonard and new Moose Kevin Rowley break down a very confusing 24 hours. #They Sleep.

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With All Eyes on Okafor, Others Fight for Roster Spots

BY CONNOR McGLYNNPhiladelphia 76ers assistant-turned-summer-league-head-coach Billy Lange said from the beginning of team practices in late June that his team’s performance would not be judged on wins and loses. Rather, the two-year NBA coach is using the time to make sure his group of new players develop their skills and adjust to life in the Association. With that in mind, unless you like to watch grown men throwing up airballs and playing as recklessly as elementary school kids, chances are you haven’t watched any summer league action, or any Sixers basketball in the past two seasons for that matter. It’s OK. You’re covered. Continue reading

Introducing “The Philly Moosecast,” Our Official Podcast

Dear Moosaholics,

Want to hear two nerdy white guys talk about the Sixers? You don’t? I understand.

But hey, if you’re up for it, myself (Paul Mancano) and guest moose Joe Leonard put together our first ever Philly Moosecast, the official podcast of The Philly Moose (not like all those other unofficial posers). Continue reading

Sixers Could Look to Find a Star in a Trade

BY PAUL MANCANO — The NBA Draft is a mere month away, meaning Sixers fans are just a month away from either rejoicing at the acquisition of an almost-unibrowed guard, or hurling their “Trust the Process” shirts at the wall in disgust (learn how to pronounce the names Mario Hezonja and Kristaps Porzingis). Continue reading

1-2-3-4-5 Potential Sixers: A Super Early Draft Look at 2015 Prospects

BY PAUL MANCANO—I think about the Sixers way too much. I spend many a night tossing and turning, wondering if a first-round pick is a necessary inclusion in an Anthony Bennett/Thad Young trade, or if Jordan McRae will be a viable bench player in a few years (it is and he will be, in case you were wondering). It’s unhealthy. Continue reading

Sixers Have Many Eggs in Many Baskets

Don’t worry, the picture will make sense in a bit.

BY PAUL MANCANO – Much has been made of Sixers’ general manager Sam Hinkie’s fearless trust in injured big men and foreign players who are taking their sweet old time in getting to the States. So far, he’s got a team of cripples and placeholders. Oh, and Michael Carter-Williams. That’s not exactly the typical blueprint for success. Continue reading

NBA Draft Moosedown Part III: Fans Will Endure

BY PAUL MANCANO – Sixers fans are pissed. Just turn on WIP, you’ll hear the outrage. Another year of tanking? Hinkie doesn’t know what it’s doing. We’ll never be good!

That seems to be the sentiment of some very angry, very vocal haters of the Sam Hinkie regime. Apparently, drafting the best player available is a crime punishable by public shaming on radio stations and Twitter. Less aggressive dissenters use phrases like “It’s a tough sell” and “the strategy is questionable.” Continue reading

NBA Draft Moosedown Part II: Second Rounders are Current Starters, Future Benchwarmers

BY PAUL MANCANO – As the draft slowly crept along last night (team’s had way longer than five minutes to make a pick), the biggest shock of the Sixers’ draft dawned on us: Hinkie was actually going to use those second-round picks to… draft players. I, like most fans, completely expected him to package some of those picks to move up. Maybe they would be a secondary piece of a deal to get another lottery pick. Maybe they would be used to grab a couple late-first rounders. Instead, Hinkie did the last thing we all expected: he kept them (for the most part). Continue reading