LeBron’s Homecoming Changes Everything for the Sixers

BY PAUL MANCANO – ESPN deemed LeBron James’ announcement of his return to Cleveland SO important that it was deserving of the entire sidebar. Just a giant picture of LeBron in a Cavs jersey where the rest of the headlines should have been. There it stood for pretty much the rest of the day. Baseball, World Cup, and other NBA signing news be damned, clearly this was the only sporting news of July 11, 2014. Continue reading


Antler Rant: Forget Exum, Keep MCW

BY PAUL MANCANO – On Wednesday, the news that Joel Embiid would need foot surgery broke, and everybody lost their minds. The entirety of the online basketball community simultaneously got texts from Sam Hinkie saying the Sixers were without a doubt going to draft Australian point guard Dante Exum (maybe it was a group text or something). Continue reading