Philly Moosecast #6 – Jah’s (Jaws) on the Floor

It’s the preseason, which means it’s time to prematurely and presumptuously postulate. In this Moosecast, Paul Mancano and Joe Leonard touch on more than one terrible Philadelphia sports team. Which one is it? There are too many to choose from. Continue reading


Possible Sixers Draft Night Moves Rated on a Scale of Craig Sager’s Suits

BY PAUL MANCANO – I initially had the intention of writing a nihilistic, “we are all just grains of sand” NBA Draft post when the Joel Embiid foot stuff sent NBA mock drafters reeling. I had about three paragraphs about how little our personal opinions matter to Sam Hinkie and how nobody really knows how good any of these prospects will be, so why do we cling to such strong opinions? But I stopped, looked over it, and realized that I was being a Debbie Mooser. Continue reading

Brett Brown’s Fingerprints All Over NBA Champion Spurs

By Paul Mancano – I watched Sunday night as the seconds ticked off the clock in San Antonio, ending one of the most one-sided NBA Finals in recent memory. During the five-game series, the Spurs outscored the defending champs by 70 points, and showed the world that Gregg Popvich’s winning formula is still unmatched. Continue reading