Introducing “The Philly Moosecast,” Our Official Podcast

Dear Moosaholics,

Want to hear two nerdy white guys talk about the Sixers? You don’t? I understand.

But hey, if you’re up for it, myself (Paul Mancano) and guest moose Joe Leonard put together our first ever Philly Moosecast, the official podcast of The Philly Moose (not like all those other unofficial posers). Continue reading

Sixers Could Look to Find a Star in a Trade

BY PAUL MANCANO — The NBA Draft is a mere month away, meaning Sixers fans are just a month away from either rejoicing at the acquisition of an almost-unibrowed guard, or hurling their “Trust the Process” shirts at the wall in disgust (learn how to pronounce the names Mario Hezonja and Kristaps Porzingis). Continue reading

Chip vs. Howie: Who Wears the Pants?

BY PAUL MANCANOThe sky is falling in Philadelphia.

Well, at least over the NovaCare Complex.

This is what many in the media would have you believe. The odd firing of Eagles vice president of player personnel Tom Gamble, in conjunction with reports of dissention in the front office, has sent Eagles fans into a frenzy. Jim Harbough’s name has only been mentioned about 3417 times, and there’s some wild speculation that Chip Kelly could show himself the door in a year. Continue reading

Antler Rant: Why Is Marlon Byrd Still On This Team?

BY PAUL MANCANO—The MLB Winter Meetings have exited the building and taken with them the Phillies’ all-time greatest shortstop. As Rollins is shipped to Hollywood and Bastardo is booted to the Armpit of the Northeast, many of the Phillies’ ancients still lie decaying on the 40-man roster. Though time remains for a deal or two to be made, the first major milestone of the 2014-15 offseason has come and gone, and Ryan Howard, Cole Hamles, Jonathan Papelbon, Carlos Ruiz, Chase Utley, and Marlon Byrd are still on the payroll. For a team that claims to have begun the rebuilding process, there hasn’t been a whole lot of rebuilding going on. Continue reading

Moose Musings: Will the Eagles Pursue RG3?

BY PAUL MANCANO—Things are a mess down in the nation’s capital. The Redskins are 3-8, DeSean Jackson is using social media to blame his teammates like the mature 27 year old man he is, and Jay Gruden is on shaky ground—not because he’s a bad coach (which he is) but because the team is still owned by Daniel Snyder. Oh, and the legislative body of the most powerful country in the world still hates them. So yeah, in the words of Larry David, things are pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good. Continue reading

Moose Musings: Why Has the Eagles 2014 Draft Class Been So Quiet?

BY PAUL MANCANO—It’s hard to find much fault with a team that’s 7-2, sitting squarely at the top of its division with just seven games to play. True, the offense has struggled at times and the defense has had its fair share of miscues, but overall, the Eagles are playing great team football—each unit is usually doing just enough to best the opponent on a weekly basis. So it’s not hard to be content with the product on the field. Right now, we’re winning, and that’s all that matters. Continue reading

An Extensive, Semi-Serious Guide to the 2014-15 Sixers Season


Guess what day it is, guess what day it is.



I don’t remember being this excited for a season since… last season. But before that, since… Bynum. But before that, since the Iverson era. So not very long ago. But I’m still excited. Irrationally excited. Continue reading

All the Highlights of the Eagles “Sound FX” Video

BY PAUL MANCANO—Every year, Eagles junkies and schematic geeks anticipate the release of the Birds’ Sound FX video, which gives them just a five-minute glimpse into the inner-workings of the team during a game. And with an enigmatic head coach and a bashful quarterback, there’s no better opportunity to gleam character from this tight-lipped squad. This year’s video, which was released yesterday, includes a mic’d up Chip Kelly and Nick Foles during last Sunday’s blackout shutout against the Giants. Though the editors skimp on first-half highpoints, they do a good job to piece together some very telling and dramatic moments of the second half. Here are some of the highlights. Continue reading

Eagles vs. Rams Preview: The Meese Make Their Picks

BY PAUL MANCANO—It’s been a week of doubt, hurt, and distrust for Eagles fans. Following a frustrating loss to 49ers on Sunday, in which the already legendary Chip Kelly offense seemed to have missed the flight from Philly, Birds fans just want someone to blame. The problem is the fault lies with all too many; Kelly, the offensive line, LeSean McCoy, Riley Cooper, Nick Foles, to name a few. After a loss like that, it’s hard to find any silver linings in Chip’s playbook. Continue reading

Moose Musings: How Long Before the Sky Falls on Foles?

BY PAUL MANCANONext to the NFL draft and Johnny Manziel’s sock color, quarterback controversy is perhaps the consistently hot item in football. It’s enticing, it’s polarizing, and it’s unhealthy. And for the first time since Donovan McNabb left office, Eagles fans thought they’d avoided it. Apparently not. Continue reading