Chip vs. Howie: Who Wears the Pants?

BY PAUL MANCANOThe sky is falling in Philadelphia.

Well, at least over the NovaCare Complex.

This is what many in the media would have you believe. The odd firing of Eagles vice president of player personnel Tom Gamble, in conjunction with reports of dissention in the front office, has sent Eagles fans into a frenzy. Jim Harbough’s name has only been mentioned about 3417 times, and there’s some wild speculation that Chip Kelly could show himself the door in a year. Continue reading


Moose Musings: Will the Eagles Pursue RG3?

BY PAUL MANCANO—Things are a mess down in the nation’s capital. The Redskins are 3-8, DeSean Jackson is using social media to blame his teammates like the mature 27 year old man he is, and Jay Gruden is on shaky ground—not because he’s a bad coach (which he is) but because the team is still owned by Daniel Snyder. Oh, and the legislative body of the most powerful country in the world still hates them. So yeah, in the words of Larry David, things are pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good. Continue reading

Moose Musings: Why Has the Eagles 2014 Draft Class Been So Quiet?

BY PAUL MANCANO—It’s hard to find much fault with a team that’s 7-2, sitting squarely at the top of its division with just seven games to play. True, the offense has struggled at times and the defense has had its fair share of miscues, but overall, the Eagles are playing great team football—each unit is usually doing just enough to best the opponent on a weekly basis. So it’s not hard to be content with the product on the field. Right now, we’re winning, and that’s all that matters. Continue reading

Moose Musings: How Long Before the Sky Falls on Foles?

BY PAUL MANCANONext to the NFL draft and Johnny Manziel’s sock color, quarterback controversy is perhaps the consistently hot item in football. It’s enticing, it’s polarizing, and it’s unhealthy. And for the first time since Donovan McNabb left office, Eagles fans thought they’d avoided it. Apparently not. Continue reading

Moose Musings: Sell, or Naw?

BY PAUL MANCANO – The trade deadline rapidly approaches, and the good teams are already starting to get their guys to make a playoff run. On the flip side, the bad teams are already starting to rake in minor leaguers as they prepare for the slow death march to October. In about three weeks, the Phillies will fall into the second category, selling the few players of worth they have left for crappy bench players and minor league maybes. And I’m not sure how I feel about that. Continue reading

Moose Musings: Will Ryan Howard Hit 400 Homers in a Phillies Uniform?

BY PAUL MANCANO – In a season of extreme highs and extreme lows, the Phillies are currently riding a rare hot streak, having won four straight and eight of their last ten. Despite dropping a weekend series to the hapless Cubs, they swept the then-first place Braves and took the first game of a four-game series from the perpetually great Cardinals. While this ridiculously confused team will probably drop into another tailspin any day now, for right now, they’re playing really good baseball. And the biggest reason behind their current streak is Ryan Howard, who has three home runs and nine RBIs in the last four games. Continue reading

Moose Musings: What If the Phillies Had One More Ring?

By Paul Mancano – We all knew this day would come: when the core of 2008 World Champs and five-time NL East winning Phillies would become too old to contribute. We started talking about ‘window slamming’ around the trade deadline of 2011, when we sold the farm for Hunter Pence. In fact, we seemed to know it about three years before general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. knew about it. In Amaro, I see Al Davis at the end of his career: outsmarted, clinging to an outdated and irresponsible plan, as the superstars and wins slip further and further away.

Continue reading