Antler Rant: Why Is Marlon Byrd Still On This Team?

BY PAUL MANCANO—The MLB Winter Meetings have exited the building and taken with them the Phillies’ all-time greatest shortstop. As Rollins is shipped to Hollywood and Bastardo is booted to the Armpit of the Northeast, many of the Phillies’ ancients still lie decaying on the 40-man roster. Though time remains for a deal or two to be made, the first major milestone of the 2014-15 offseason has come and gone, and Ryan Howard, Cole Hamles, Jonathan Papelbon, Carlos Ruiz, Chase Utley, and Marlon Byrd are still on the payroll. For a team that claims to have begun the rebuilding process, there hasn’t been a whole lot of rebuilding going on. Continue reading


The Geico Gecko’s Cringe-Worthy “Cheesesteak Shuffle” is an Embarrassment to Philly

BY PAUL MANCANO – Geico commercials have brought us so many laughs over the years. From the caveman bit that went on for way too long (and ended up as a gruesome can’t-look-away car crash spinoff) to the suave guy in a suit making absurd comparisons to car insurance policies (but who cares, they were hilarious) to the “HUMP DAYYYY” camel that inspired the Michael Scotts of the world to yell, well, “HUMP DAYYYY,” in the office every Wednesday. Continue reading

Antler Rant: Forget Exum, Keep MCW

BY PAUL MANCANO – On Wednesday, the news that Joel Embiid would need foot surgery broke, and everybody lost their minds. The entirety of the online basketball community simultaneously got texts from Sam Hinkie saying the Sixers were without a doubt going to draft Australian point guard Dante Exum (maybe it was a group text or something). Continue reading