Ron Roberts Gives Sixers Fans More Reasons to Watch the Summer League

BY JUSTIN RUSSELL – Ronald Roberts Jr.’s biggest individual achievement this year was being named to the third team all-Atlantic 10. When you try to find the roster for this team online, well, I’ll spare you the Google, you can’t. South Jersey’s own big man with a 42″ vertical has played out of the national spotlight his entire collegiate career, but Sixers fans are starting to take notice of the man with the pogo sticks in his legs. Continue reading


Phillies Fans Have Some Some Soul-Searching to Do

By Justin Russell – I would like to begin with a story from my past, if you would indulge me…

When I was 14 I decided that in order to get into the The Prep (Don’t ask which, that’s not even a question) I needed to take placement test preparation classes. This was in 2008, and to my dismay one of these classes took place during the Phillies-Brewers National League Divisional Series. In order to keep myself informed on the score I asked my 8th grade teacher, and fellow fan, if she could come to my desk during the two-hour class, and quietly give me updates on the score whenever it changed. Continue reading