The Holy War: A Battle of Similar Foes

By Jim Kelly – Saint Joseph’s University and Villanova University really hate each other. It’s not the most well-known sports rivalries, but it is certainly the most important one in the Philly area. The rivalry, like many of its kind, actually exists not because of the differences between the schools, but because of the similarities between them. Continue reading


Hextall’s New Flyers: Looking Behind and Ahead

By Jim Kelly – The Stanley Cup playoffs have (finally) finished up and the LA Kings were able to hoist the trophy after an exciting five game series with the NY Rangers. The Flyers made an early exit from the playoffs after a heartbreaking seven game series with the Rangers in the first round. However, the season is not necessarily the failure that it seems. In fact, the Flyers 2013-14 season was one of consistent improvement. The entire Flyers organization showed its fans a drive and willingness to fight that had not really been seen since the epic ’09-10 playoff run. With that being said, it is a good time to take a look at a few major issues that the Flyers ran into last season and expect to run into next season. Continue reading