Moose Musings: Sell, or Naw?

BY PAUL MANCANO – The trade deadline rapidly approaches, and the good teams are already starting to get their guys to make a playoff run. On the flip side, the bad teams are already starting to rake in minor leaguers as they prepare for the slow death march to October. In about three weeks, the Phillies will fall into the second category, selling the few players of worth they have left for crappy bench players and minor league maybes. And I’m not sure how I feel about that.

On the one hand…

The Phils stand at a crucial juncture in the future of this franchise. It’s less crucial than the juncture they hit two years ago, but still. Ryne Sandberg’s squad is so bereft of usable talent, of tradable assets, that this may be the last time the front office actually holds some pieces that other teams want. In a year’s time, the crusty has-beens will be even crustier has-beens with lowered market value. We gotta sell them now, while they’re still healthy and serviceable.

But on the other hand…

Think of who’ll be the one selling them. Amaro runs the team like Maeby Fünke ran the banana stand in that one episode of Arrested Development: he doubles our losses.Two years ago, he pence-vs-giantssold four future studs for Hunter Pence. He then flipped him to the Giants a year later for three duds. I call that getting swindled and pimped.

Even if the Phillies sell all our players of value and eat their contracts, the organization will dig itself even deeper in a hole so long as Ruben’s the one pulling the strings. He has zero ability to recognize talent. He’ll get us a bunch of barely passable infielders and relief pitchers that suck but “have great stuff.” I don’t wanna watch Ty Wiggintons and Michael Schwimers for the next decade.

This organization is in need of a massive overhaul, from top to bottom. Part of me wants to see Amaro make blockbuster trades, cleaning out the entire team. But the other part of me knows Amaro can only screw up these trades, netting us a peasant’s ransom in return. Yet another part of me thinks the best thing that could happen would be for Amaro to be fired, and the only way to achieve that would be for him to screw up these trades.

This last scenario is the most favorable outcome, but it wouldn’t be pretty. And who knows if these terrible trades would get Amaro’s fired? Team president David Montgomery still appears to be in his corner, despite his all the horrific moves he’s made in the past, and an embarrassing approval rating to boot.

The situation is not unlike the end of the Eagles’ “Dream Team” 2012 season. I wanted the team to win, but I knew the only a total collapse would get Andy fired. I should probably root for the Phillies to fail spectacularly then, because only a total Phillies collapse will get Amaro fired – oh wait.


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