NBA Draft Moosedown Part I: Hinkie is Unflappable

BY PAUL MANCANO – Good news, Sixers fans: has 18-year-old center Jahlil Okafor, who “has been described by some pundits as having amongst the best set of post skills ever seen on the high school level,” going to the Sixers 2nd overall in 2015.

Let’s get #TankforJahlil trending on Twitter.

Start attaching your hopes and dreams to this kid, because the Sixers are tanking again. Hard. Perhaps harder than they did this past year, believe it or not.

Much like last year’s draft, the 2014 NBA Draft was a shocking, riveting, and sobering experience for Sixers fans. With the team’s two first-round picks – lottery picks, no less – GM Sam Hinkie put no players on the court for next year. Not even to the bench or the D-League team. We will almost definitely see zero action from the 3rd overall selection, Joel Embiid. We will almost definitely see zero action from the 12th overall selection, Dario Saric, for another two years. Our 2014 squad will consist of Michael Carter-Williams, Nerlens Noel, Thaddeus Young, a bunch of 2014 second-round round picks, and men who would otherwise be riding on the back of trash trucks.

Hinkie is unflappable.

This winter, for the second-straight year, the Wells Fargo Center will be desolate – but not quite as empty as Citizens Bank Park has been all summer (too soon?). Once again, loss after loss will pile up in embarrassing fashion. We’ll be the joke of the league. Bill Simmons will get up on his soapbox and yell at the world that we’re ruining the NBA.

Hinkie is unflappable.

For the third straight year, the Sixers got a big man with big problems. The first one never suited up. The second one has not suited up. This one will probably not suit up for a year.

Hinkie is unflappable.

Last year’s draft showed a radical re-envisioning of the franchise. This year’s draft showed a staunch, austere commitment to a long-term plan. It’s almost frightening to see a man such rigid, Nazi-like obedience to a course of action.

In the picks Hinkie made, he lost an air of mystique. We now know most of Hinkie’s plan for the Sixers: We will be bad until we’re good. And we will wait for as long as we have to before that happens. He will take the best guy on the board – the guy with the best superstar potential – no matter how long we have to wait for him or however many injury concerns he’s had in the past. The Sixers want to build a team of superstars, no matter how many fans they lose in the process.

Stay tuned for Parts II, III, and however many Antler Rants it takes to get all of these soul-tearing emotions off my chest. For now, I’ll leave you all with this:


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